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Village Trekking - Non Touristic Area treks

Village Trekking

Village Trekking - Non Touristic Area Trekking

Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world. At lower altitudes where the infrastructure is more developed the quality of life for many bares no comparrison to the harsh realities of life in the hills, village tourism seeks to adjust the imbalance in small ways. Village tours trekking / walking routes are being developed enabling trekkers to walk from one village to another staying with local families along the way. Certain houses in villages have been adapted to provide a degree of western comfort i.e. new toilet facitiies and comfortable rooms.The beauty of this particular form of tourism is everyone benefits, the tourist by having the opportunity to more fully experience Nepali culture at first hand and the villagers because the majority of the money spent by the tourist goes directly to the village

A typical day for many villagers is: up at sunrise, the women carry a Doko (bamboo basket) to collect firewood and cut grass for the buffolow untill late morning whilst the men tend to the fields. Around 11 a.m. women return home for Dal Bhat Tarkari (rice with vegetables and lentil soup) clean the dishes before helping their husbands or neighours in the fields. Time must also be found to do the laundry and prepare the food for the evening meal.
Village tourism in Nepal is gaining in appeal with tourists who see their stay as more meaningful both in what they personally gain and also knowing that their stay will be of direct benefit.

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